I-40 to Hot Springs
(33 miles)

For many motorcycle enthusiasts, North Carolina Highway 209 is as good, if not better, than either the “Dragon” or the “Snake.” There is almost zero traffic, great scenery, and a little bit of everything: high-speed sweepers, twisties, elevation changes, and a couple of scenic valley straightaways.

Best of all, you have all of the amenities of Hot Springs at the finish line — places like Iron Horse Station — and Trust General Store & Cafe to break up your run.

Trust General Store & Cafe is the perfect pit stop, sitting almost smack dab in the middle of I-40 and Hot Springs. We have plenty of parking, fuel, food and refreshments, T-shirts, hats, and more. If you’re planning a motorcycle run on NC-209 with a large group, give us a call in advance and we’ll make sure we’re prepared for your arrival. Just call (828) 622-7455 and let us know you’re on your way!

Shiner's Run: Trust to Hot Springs
(159 Curves, 1 Helluva Ride)

Shiner’s Run is the name of the stretch of 209 that runs from Trust General Store & Cafe (the intersection of Highway 209 and State Road 63) north to Hot Springs. Pick up an official Shiner’s Run T-shirt at Trust General Store & Cafe, and then take on the run that local Shiners made famous!

Map of Shiner's Run

Here are photos of the beautiful scenery along Shiner's Run: